How much water should you drink per day?

How much water should you drink per day?

Water, especially the one Frederic Chopin drank in Reinertz (now Duszniki-Zdroj) has a very beneficial effect on our health. There are many theories about the amount of water we should drink a day.

One says that the amount of water needed to hydrate our body depends on our weight. For one kilogram we should drink 30 ml. Total demand is multiplied by the number of kilograms thirty times. Caring for proper body watering is extremely important especially in hot weather.

In a letter to Wilhelm (Wilus) Kolberg in Warsaw on August 18, 1826 Fryderyk Chopin describes a detailed day plan in the spa Reinertz (Duszniki-Zdroj) with the ironical remembrance of the resort's attractions:

"In the morning, 6 o'clock at the latest, all the Ailing at the spring; here, wretched brass music compiled from a dozen or so caricatures in various tastes [...] is played to the slowly perambulating Kur-gästs [...] This promenade along the lovely avenue connecting the Anstalt with the town lasts usually until eight, depending on how many cupfuls one has to drink in the morning, then everyone (each to his own) goes off to breakfast. - After breakfast I usually go off for a stroll, walk until 12, at which time dinner must be eaten, because after dinner we go once again to the Brun. The afternoon [...] is again sullied by music, and apart from that one walks around until evening. Like me, since I drink only two glasses of Lau-brun after dinner, so I go home early for supper, and after supper to sleep."

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