June 22

Born On This Day
1763 | Étienne Méhul, French pianist and composer (d. 1817)
1830 | Teodor Leszetycki, Polish pianist, composer and pedagogue (d. 1915)
1901 | Luís Armando Rivera, Dominican composer, pianist and violinist (d. 1986)
1915 | Randolph Hokanson, American pianist (d. 2018)
1917 | Jean Hubeau, French composer, pianist and pedagogue (d. 1992)
Died On This Day
1840 | Josef Javůrek, Polish pianist, composer, conductor of Czech origin (b. 1756)
1888 | Edmund Neupert, Norwegian pianist, composer and pedagogue (b. 1842)
2002 | Conrad Hansen, German pianist (b. 1906)

Piano. On what piano should we practice?

Every pianist has his favorite piano, on which playing he can bring out the most beautiful sound for him. But the pianists are not in such as comfortable situation as violinists or guitarists who can perform on the same instrument they practice on a daily basis.

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